palletizer robot

Palletizer Robot by PMP suit for Pick & Place Applications with a good accuracy, precision and velocity. Control position with Trio Motion Controller ( EtherCAT protocol ) and driven with Servo Motor, Precision Gearboxes. This Palletizer Robot not only designed with simple concept for easily maintenance and installation and  but also have a high performance. Besides that you can add-on other option (e.g. vision Camera, Torque Censor) as well.

We are special thanks to Thai-German Institute / Center of Robotic Excellence (Core) for supporting us to initiated development of a prototype palletizer robot.

Palletizer Robot
4 axis 
Max Load 30KG. (scalable)
Servo Motor
Precision Gearboxes
Start with 700K


  • Servo Motor

  • Precision Gearboxes 

  • Trio motion controller 4 axis

  • Software : Trio motion perfect

  • Palletizer Robot 4 axis 

  • Max. payload : under 30 kg. (Scalable) 

  • Max Reach : under 2 m.


** for this model

Credit Photo : Automation Expo

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